Large Outback Installation 72,000W of Inverter System

Large Solar Water Heating Commercial Solution

High Quality Solar Installation Powering Telecom Towers

Both Commercial and Domestic Solar Pumping Solutions

Energy Solutions for All

What we are providing

We offer professional Energy Solutions for all your needs from home systems to large projects. This includes solar, backup, hybrid, etc…

Available in 3 phase and single phase, we have different classes of surge protection for various applications…

Do you need Energy savers? Do you need LEDs? Do you need DC Lighting? Do you need AC lighting? Do you need proximity or light with

We also cover the bottom of the pyramid with these extremely low cost portable solar options offering small solution covering extremely

About Us

UltraTec is a local private company established in 1999 to serve the needs of the growing energy and telecommunications sectors in terms of supplying appropriate products and services. The company represents reputable international manufacturers, which has ensured that the products and services offered are of the best performance and high quality standards. UltraTec is an ISO9001:2000 Quality Certified Company

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